Twilight Guard ~ A Leather • Bear • Gear • Uniform Social Gay Men's Club for
the Suburban Communities of Southwestern Connecticut and the Hudson Valley region of New York


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NEWS: News from the Twilight Guard and from around our community. Scroll down to see the latest news and events.


FLAG GALLERY: A Collection of flags for download and use by other groups in our diverse family.

ABOUT US: History and information about our organization, as well as information about becoming a member of the Twilight Guard.


PHOTO ALBUMS: Collected pictures from the Twilight Guard events, as well as events we have attended.

CALENDAR: Dates and places where you can find, meet and socialize with Twilight Guard members and other like-minded people in and around the our community!


  HANKY CODES: The handkerchief code is a way for men to recognize potential sex/play partners based on the color and position of the colored bandana being "flagged," or used.
RUN: Information for the Twilight Guard/Excelsior MC's annual Fire Island, NY Destination Run.   LINKS: Connections to friends and businesses we support, and some of our favorite places on the web.



We are please to announce

On Sunday, May 22, the Twilight Guard where please to announce the theme for our 2017 Leather Weekend Run at Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY. For more information, please see our run page.

A Dying Breed

First it was the bars, now it's our own. Leather/Levi Motorcycle clubs are retiering their colours. Continue reading article.